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We are subject to playing facility rules regarding rainouts.

You may register on your SLYLA player account to receive email and or text messages that will be sent in the event of a cancelation as well.

Inclement Weather Policy


Inclement Weather Policy

Thank you all for what you do to make SLYLA the success that it is.  Our league is not possible without all of your hard work and dedication to Honoring the Game.  Your SLYLA board wanted to reach out to you all to outline what our league policies are when faced with inclement weather DURING play.  Please see the information below.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask either via e-mail or by stopping by the center circle at SportPort during play.

1.      A 30 minute inclement weather delay will be signaled by a long, single air horn blast.  Please keep in mind that inclement weather may include lightening OR thunder OR excessive precipitation where continuing to play is, in the opinion of board members present, too dangerous for our players. 

2.      When sounded, officials are instructed to retrieve the walkie-talkie that should be at your field’s scorer’s table, so that the board can communicate with the officials.  All walkie-talkies should be on channel 5.  The board will keep officials updated via walkie-talkie.

3.      Officials are instructed to make sure coaches know that we are in a 30 minute delay and if needed and feasible, the coaches should instruct their players and their families to go to their cars or seek shelter and await further instruction.

4.      If players and families do stay on the fields, coaches are instructed to make sure kids (and parents) are not playing with lacrosse sticks during the delay.

5.      If a team leaves during a delay and play resumes and that team does not have enough players to restart that game, that team may be subject to a forfeit.

6.      Clocks still need to run to maintain the integrity of our league schedule. So if a game has less than 30 minutes to go and a single horn is sounded signaling a 30 minute delay, that game is over.  The score needs to be recorded in the book and signed by coaches and officials.  If there is more than 30 minutes remaining in a game, coaches, officials as well as the SLYLA board (as needed) can decide on continuing play keeping in mind that if there is a game to follow on that field it needs to start at its originally scheduled time.  If there are no games remaining on that field, it is OK for the game to continue from where it stopped provided it is safe to continue (e.g. darkness). 

7.      Teams that show up for the next game during a weather delay should remain in their cars or under shelter and await further instruction. Teams that leave may be subject to forfeit if their game does start.

8.      A double horn sound means that play may resume. This message will also be announced to the officials via walkie-talkie.

9.      If play has been cancelled for the remainder of the day, an announcement will be made to the officials via walkie-talkie.  Officials are instructed to, in turn; notify the coaches of the decision.

Again, please let your SLYLA board know if you have any questions about any of this.

 Your SLYLA board