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2012 SLYLA Constitution




 The name of this league is St Louis Youth Lacrosse Association (SLYLA).


The purpose of SLYLA is to provide the participants with the fundamental skills required to play lacrosse and to promote the spirit and sportsmanship of the game of lacrosse.
The rules of play that have evolved to govern lacrosse have been the direct result of input from numerous dedicated individuals over the years. The goal of each of these individuals has been to structure a framework of game regulations that would ensure a safe environment in which to conduct lacrosse games while, at the same time, offer an opportunity for all participants to enjoy the traditional challenges of the sport of lacrosse.
Of equal importance, are the attitudes, purposes and conduct that we adults bring to the sport. Our primary job is not only to create an atmosphere of learning, enjoyment, and good sportsmanship for all of the youths who decide to participate in SLYLA, but to complete our obligation by conducting ourselves in a manner that reinforces the high standards that we expect the players to sustain. We believe that the most effective method to achieve our goals is to remember that the opposing coaches and the officials are actually engaged in a partnership which is dedicated to providing the players with a quality experience. Working together, we can easily attain the goals that we often fall short of it we work individually.

ARTICLE III - Membership

Any organized group who meets the following requirements may apply for SLYLA membership:


  1. Program must have an organization of its own
  2. Program must NOT adversely affect adjoining programs and conduct open registration.
  3. For Liability Insurance purposes, all players and coaches must be current US Lacrosse members and their membership must be validated before they can participate in any SLYLA sanctioned event.
    1. All teams must have a written policy requiring US Lacrosse membership.
    2. All teams are responsible for validating US Lacrosse membership information and must have a systemic approach to verify the membership status of all players and coaches.
    3. The membership must be in effect for the entire season.
    4. Beginning in 2013, head coaches must be US Lacrosse Level 1 certified and all assistant coaches must have attended a US Lacrosse Level 1 “Hands-on” clinic.
      1. Each team must have a unique head coach: meaning a coach cannot be the head coach for more than one team.  The head coach should be the coach on the field game day.
      2. The intent is to ensure adults in contact with children are both trained in the “skills of the game” and have a background check.  Both are part of the Level 1 certification process.
  4. A two-thirds approval by the Board will be required for acceptance.
  5. No application for membership will be accepted after March 1st of the upcoming season.

ARTICLE IV – League Fees

League Fees are established by the Board. Each program shall pay its fees annually, prior to issuing of schedules. Failure to pay fees will result in the programs NOT receiving the schedule for the current season. (Checks are payable to SLYLA).

ARTICLE V – “In Writing” Defined

In all cases in this constitution, electronic means (e-mail, electronic documents, ect), will suffice as “in writing”.  The intent is to have a means to share the petitioner’s position with all concerned.

 ARTICLE VI - Representation


  1. Each program shall be permitted one official delegate, who shall be entitled to a single vote on each question. The name of each program’s delegate must be filed in writing with the Association at the Season Opening meeting.
  2.  A program may be represented by proxy. The proxy is the official delegate for the program and their decisions are binding for the program.
  3.  Without prior notice, any program, not represented in two (2) consecutive meetings shall be dropped from membership in the Association. Such membership may be reinstated by a majority vote of the membership, and payment of a twenty-five ($25.00) fine.
  4.  The programs may be represented by any number of people, but the official delegate will be the only spokesperson in the meeting.

ARTICLE VII - Meetings

  1. The League shall have a minimum of four business meetings annually.
    1. The first meeting shall be a Fall organizational meeting. The primary function of this meeting is to elect officers and members of the Board.
    2. The second meeting shall be a pre-season meeting to be held in January.  The primary function of this meeting is to approve proposed changes and fees for the upcoming season.  This is a mandatory meeting for each program official delegate.
    3. The third meeting shall be season prep and rules meeting to be held in March.  The primary function of this meeting is for programs to submit their teams so the season scheduled can be developed and officials to review rules changes with the coaches.  This is a mandatory meeting for all coaches with teams playing in SLYLA.
    4. The fourth meeting shall be held following the last scheduled games.  The primary purpose of this meeting is to review any issues that came up during the regular season.
  2. Notice of all meetings shall be given to all programs at least 14 days before each meeting. A special agenda for the next meeting shall be sent with the notice. It is the responsibility of the members to contact the President with agenda items prior to the meeting.
  3. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or the Board of Directors.
  4. The President shall call a special League meeting whenever a petition is brought forth in writing.

ARTICLE VIII - Duties of Officers

The officers shall perform such duties as are consistent with their office according to usual parliamentary rules as described in “Roberts Rules of Order.”  The officers will consist of:


  1. President: The President is responsible for the overall functioning of the Board.
  2. Vice President:   The Vice President supports the President for overall functioning of the Board.
  3. Secretary:   The Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of all Board and League meetings.
  4. Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall keep all financial records and distribute an annual budget.

Additional officers will be selected from the at large members as the Board deems appropriate.

ARTICLE IX - Board of Directors


  1. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the Board Officers, the Chairs of the Boys and Girls Officials and Rules committees, and four at large members.  In matters pertinent to only one program (girls or boys), the Board will seek the advice of the appropriate committee before voting.
  2. The Board of Directors will oversee the financial viability of SLYLA and to audit the financial report.
  3. The President along with the Board has the right to replace a Board member should they not fulfill their obligation.
  4. The elected Board Members will serve a two year term.

ARTICLE X - Elections

  1. A nominating Committee will be appointed by the President to develop a slate of candidates.  The slate will include officers, Boys and Girls chairs, and at large members.
  2. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor prior to the elections.
  3. All elected Board Members shall be voted on at the Fall meeting.

ARTICLE XI - Functions of the Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors of SLYLA shall be entrusted with the duty of carrying on the work of the league. Seven members must be present to constitute a quorum. The Board is empowered to transact such business of the league as it may deem wise and imperative. The President shall advise the league of the agenda for upcoming meetings.
  2. To facilitate accomplishing its duties, the Board is authorized to hold Board only meetings as required.  The meetings will be open to all SLYLA members, but the Board is not required to specifically notify all members of the meeting specifics.
  3. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to act as a court and to render decisions by majority vote, in all issues and controversies arising out of the interpretations of any of the articles of this constitution, or its by-laws; or the interpretation or application of any rules and regulations governing league play, such as may be found in our own rules, or those in NCAA or US Lacrosse Women’s Rules, or committee rulings.
  4. The President and/or the Board of Directors may postpone, cancel or forfeit any or all contests in cases where the safety and welfare of people are concerned or in the best interest of the league. This may be done after consultation with the program or programs involved.

ARTCILE XII - Standing Committees

The President with advice and consent of the Board of Directors may appoint the following committees:


  1. Nominating
  2. Boys and Girls Officials and Rules
  3. Other committees the Board feels advisable.

Each committee shall consist of a chairperson and at least two other members. The official and rules committees will have referee liaisons.  They shall not have voting privileges.

ARTICLE XIII - Duties of Standing Committees


  1. Nominating: to nominate a slate of potential board members and conduct the election of same.
  2. Boys and Girls Official and Rules: To consult with and aid the Commissioner of Officials; to review and interpret NCAA and US Lacrosse Women’s Lacrosse Rules and their applicability to our league; to publish any modifications to the boys or girls rules for the level of play as deemed appropriate.

ARTICLE XIV - Eligibility Rules

The purpose of the following eligibility rules is to insure to every person in a program which is a member of SLYLA, the privileges and benefits of participation in lacrosse and to protect that person from unfair competition therein. To be eligible to play on any team representing a program which is a member of the league a player must fall within the limits of all the following rules:


  1. Meet the age requirements for the team which the player has registered to play.  Younger players may play “up” on older teams, but older players may not play “down” on younger teams.  As a guideline, players should not play up more than one grade level.
  2. May not have actively played in a scheduled high school lacrosse game (freshmen, sophomore, junior varsity, or varsity) on or after April 1, of the current year.
  3. All players and coaches must be members of US Lacrosse in good standing.
  4. All players must be listed on the final team roster turned into the league with the final payment of league fees.  At a minimum, final rosters will include: name, grade, US Lacrosse Membership number and US Lacrosse Membership expiration date.  The league will use the information on the final team roster to validate eligibility.  Players not listed on a team roster or without a valid current US Lacrosse Membership will not be allowed to play SLYLA sanctioned events. 
  5. Once a player is listed on the final team roster turned into the league, they may not play for another team or program unless agreed upon by the opposing coach.  Players may be rostered and play on more than one team as long as they are included on the final team roster presented to the league.
  6. After the final team rosters are turned into the league, if a player wants to transfer from one SLYLA program to another SLYLA program, they must obtain a release from the former program and present the release to the new program with a copy to the President. This release must state that the player has not been recruited by any member program.

ARTICLE XV – No Show/Forfeiture of Contest


  1. Member teams should plan to play all scheduled games. In the event a team will not be able to play a scheduled game, they should notify the SLYLA board as soon as possible so the other team can be notified and schedules adjusted.  Teams that “no show” will forfeit the game and the game will not be rescheduled.  Repeated violations (2 or more) of this rule will make the team and coach ineligible for any tournament games and also may result in one year’s suspension at the discretion of the Board.
  2. If a coach or player is ejected from a sanctioned game, they may appoint a representative to replace them. If a representative is not available, the contest may be declared a forfeit and result in a loss for the team.
  3. The referee has the power to suspend from a game, or send from the field a player, coach, or fan found guilty of flagrant or repeated misconduct of using abusive language. The player must sit out the next sanctioned game. Any coach that is dismissed from a game must meet with the Board and be cleared before he/she can coach again.
  4. The President or Board of Directors can declare a forfeit shall they deem necessary due to the rule infractions by an offending team.

ARTICLE XVI - Observance of Eligibility Rules

  1. No program may waive any rule in favor of another, and a mutual violation of any or all of these rules shall result in the contest in question being cast out altogether and replayed subject to the rules as specified.
  2. The deliberate or continued violation of the Association rules shall be sufficient cause for suspension or expulsion.
  3. Suspension and/or expulsion shall take place upon a three-fourths vote of the Board members present.
  4. The provisions of the eligibly rules shall be complied with in all contests between members of SLYLA.

ARTICLE XVII - Penalties

The advertent or inadvertent violations of any or all of the eligibility rules or any other rules shall be sufficient cause for the suspension of the player or coaches found guilty for a period of twelve months from the date such violations were brought to the attention of the chairperson of the rules committee. A second violation by the same player or coach shall be cause for suspension for a period of two years. The forfeiture of all contests participated in by the violator to the opponents of the program guilty of the violation.  A violation must be brought to the attention of the Association for any infraction of the Association Constitution, By-laws, or other regulations, at or before, the next regular meeting following the infraction.

ARTICLE XVIII - Administration of Eligibility Rules

The interpretation and the applications of these rules rest with the Board of Directors. The decisions of any Executive Officer or of the Board or Rules Committee may be appealed at a regular meeting to the Association sitting as Court of Review, and may by majority vote, be approved or reversed. The appeal must be presented in writing to the President prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.


  1. Any protest that involves the constitution should be referred to the Board of Directors
  2. Any other type of protest should be referred to the Chairperson of committee involved. In cases of disagreement, an appeal may be made to the Board of Directors.
  3. Under no circumstance shall a decision rendered by a referee, umpire, or any other official in charge of the playing of a contest be the basis of a protest.
  4. Should the eligibility of a player be in question, the President shall contact the Program Administrator of the player in question’s team/program.  The initiative in matters of suspension or expulsion of a program rests with the President, but any member may propose such measures to the league. The proposal must be in writing.

ARTICLE XIX - Minimum Play Rule

All players should participate to the fullest extent possible and must participate at least the equivalent of one quarter (¼) of the game. It is the responsibility of the coach on each team to see that this is carried out. The ONLY exceptions shall be in the event of disciplinary action toward a player or an injury to the player during the game. Note: the disciplined player may wear their uniform and stand with the team, without equipment. The opposing coach MUST be told of this prior to the beginning of game. Failure to comply with this rule results in a forfeit.

ARTICLE XX - Certification of Players

The program chairperson of each program is responsible for the eligibility certification of their registered players.


  1. Standard school products (current report cards, etc) or birth certificates are the standard from of age verification in the league.
  2. US Lacrosse membership can be validated through US Lacrosse Membership cards or the US Lacrosse website.  Programs are required to provide proof of membership upon request.  A copy of the actual US Lacrosse card, print out from the US Lacrosse website, or a roster with US Lacrosse numbers and expiration dates (see Article XIV Eligibility Rules, final team rosters) is the standard form of verification in the league.

ARTICLE XXI - Financial Report of Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible to submit to the Board of Directors and the general Association membership a financial report of all income and disbursements in the operation of the Association. This financial report is required annually to be presented at the Fall meeting for the previous year’s operation.  An annual audit will be completed in compliance with SLYLA’s status as a 403B Non-Profit Organization.

ARTICLE XXII - Amendments

The Constitutions or By-laws of the Association may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Any proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the President at least three weeks before the next scheduled official Board of Directors meeting.